10 of the healthiest foods in the world


28th June 2014

In this busy life style we eat whatever we get but we never ponder on the nutritious value of the food we eat. Today we will see the importance of daily food items we eat regularly in one or other way.

From the health point of view it’s very important to eat less but eat healthy. Here we go in the world of nutritious diet food items.

Salmon: Greatest source of Omega 3 fatty acid. Regular intake reduces depression, cancer, heart attack and saves brain from memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease by the action of niacin in spinach. All non-vegetarians should eat farm raised salmons rather than wild salmon as it contains more toxic polychlorinated biphenyl.

Broccoli: This green flowery stick is full of Vitamin K and C which cover up all the essential nutrient requirement of body. It contains anti-cancer properties and phytonutrients which reduces heart disease, stroke and diabetics risk. It’s also called nutrient power which gets reduced on boiling.

Avocados: It’s a rich source of minerals, folic acids, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, folate which reduces heart attack, alkalizes body by boosting nutrient and increase body nutrient absorption power. In addition presence of healthy and satisfying fats reduces cholesterol.

Dark chocolate: Cocoa powder is full of flavonoids and antioxidants which reduce LDL by increasing HDL. It contains large amount of alkali, magnesium, antioxidants which reduces blood pressure, protect heart, boost mood and control appetite. So make life sweeter by dark chocolate and manage your weight easily.

Walnuts: Brain shaped nut not only protects brain but fight against cancer, reduce cholesterol by presence of Omega -3 which also improves mood, protects body against harmful sun rays, also regulates sleep by possessing melatonin in it.

Spinach: It is an excellent food for eye as is made of 2 most important immune boosting antioxidants i.e. lutein and zeaxanthin and contains plenty of iron which also fights against cancer.

Green Beans: They are the sole source of fibers which improves digestion, manage weight, and easily eliminates waste from the body, balance blood sugar level and reduces risk of breast cancer. It also reduces heart attack risk as it is full of proteins and antioxidants.

Lemon: Most common citrus we take regularly provides us with tons of vitamin C making our bones strong, increase good cholesterol (HDL), fight against disease and boost energy. Moreover flavonoids presence acts in anti-inflammatory way and inhibit cancer cells growth. Taking green tea with lemon not only add flavor, also increases body’s antioxidant absorbing ability.

Garlic: We start our journey with Garlic a natural best known disease fighter, reduces bacterial (include E-coli) growth, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels by keeping us healthy. Apart from this garlic posses allicin which makes it a potent anti-inflammatory food. Allicin quantity can be increased by using crushed garlic while over cooking garlic reduces its nutritious value.

Potatoes: Different potatoes posses’ different quality. Like red potato contains cell building folate while sweet potato posses vitamin A which fights against cancer and boost immune system. Eating cooled potato instead of hot reduces post meal fat accumulation.

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