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We can offer you cross platform access to the UK’s only Gym Comparison website. Giving you access to a highly engaged and diverse demographic.

For you, that means access to a huge, diverse set of highly motivated, highly engaged user demographics. And, with our extensive collection of powerful marketing and insight tools, we can help you identify, target and connect with exactly who you need to, at all stages of the purchasing journey.

Our Solutions

Whatever your marketing needs, Gym Compare can tailor an advertising solution to match them.

We believe that in truly great marketing, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We appreciate that your requirements, goals and brand style are different from every other. Our specialised advertising team, which has over a decade of display experience, can work with you to craft an innovative, custom marketing package – whether it’s rich media, standard formats or some combination of the two.

For more details regarding advertising on Gym Compare or for more details about our solutions and pricing please contact us via email

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