Dream Gym: LAX St Botolph’s

28th August 2014

One of a new breed of London super gym's with a huge range of facilities.

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Egg Muffin Recipe

1st August 2014

Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 & brush a muffin pan with a little melted coconut oil...

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Training method for effective fat loss

19th July 2014

People have and will always still continue to use the wrong approach...

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5 Questions for Fat Loss

2nd July 2014

Most people have heard about how to eat for fat loss.

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10 of the healthiest foods in the world

28th June 2014

In this busy life style we eat whatever we get but we never ponder on the nutritious value of the food we eat.

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The Magic of Lemon and Limes

21st June 2014

Ten reasons why you should introduce lime/lemon water into your daily diet

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Sleep Issues

1st June 2014

How many of you struggle with sleep?

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Quick fixes for stress

17th May 2014

Stress plays a massive role in controlling our overall body compositions.

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Dehydration and the importance of water

2nd May 2014

Dehydration means your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should.

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Use a High Protein Diet to Lose Fat, Keep Hunger and Cravings at Bay

12th April 2014

Eating a high protein and low carbohydrate diet will help you lose body fat

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