Sleep Issues


1st June 2014

How many of you struggle with sleep?

This may be the process of you actually getting to sleep or staying asleep until a designated time – probably most of you reading this.

We live in a world with many forms of stress signals. Stress raises the cortisol hormone which inhibits the bodies ability to burn fat and will also in turn make it hard to sleep. Insulin levels will also go up leaving us with excess fat in the ‘love handle’ region. This will increase insulin resistance which is the stage before type 2 diabetes may set in.

Poor sleep will also:

Increase inflammation in the body.

It can increase your chances of breast cancer.

It will lower testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and growth hormone which are all important hormones in which we need to help tissue repair.

Compromise your immune system, reduce and hamper your memory and attention levels and will help you put on weight.

Please note: Increasing your sleep quality alone is just one very basic step to helping you lose fat. But this doesn’t mean you should reach for the sleeping pills, it should be treated at a nutritional level.

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