About Us

Gym Compare is the UK’s largest gym comparison website. Our aim is to be the place for all gym user to find details of all available gyms. Our website and mobile platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online gym search. With the depth of information that it provides, users can immediately identify a preferred gym.

Our Values

Be Curious To be successful, we need to feel free to ask questions and try things out, even if we make mistakes.

Be Determined We are determined to take this business to its full potential, and beyond!

Be Inspirational We are courageous and inspirational to our people, customers and the whole industry

Be Reliable Gym Compare is committed to serving its customers, they can rely on us being here

Be Humble We are all about serving our customers, consumers and of course each other.

Our Culture

Our culture is shaped by our values of humility, determination, reliability, curiosity and inspiration. Throughout the organisation, these values manifest themselves in our highly customer orientated approach, and in our commitment to being an exciting, vibrant and digital-led company.

We are intent on delivering real value to our customers and consumers, and we believe that the key to achieving this lies in making their lives easier by deploying the best in digital developments.

Across the business, we are led by a sense of purpose and a set of principles that foster an environment of trust, within which challenge and debate are encouraged, and talent is recognised and nurtured.

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